Miguel Martinez
Full Stack Software Developer

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I am veteran in the software development field with over 30 years of experience. Using a variety of computer languages and databases, I have built software for various environments - from software for handheld devices to scan blood samples, to a system that controls access to a nuclear power reactor, to a system that sends millions of notifications a day.

I started programming, by accident, when I was 17 using a package called dBase III+. By the time I turned 20 I had already completed three paid projects - enhancements to an inventory system, enhancements to a payroll system - written in Lotus 123!, and a brand new system to track concrete deliveries.

Although I very much enjoy the programming experience, what drives me is solving problems, and the satisfaction to know that what I do helps others.

I never claim to be an expert on anything, but these days I’m very proficient using the JavaScript/Node.js and C#/.NET Core stacks. I’m also proficient using PHP with WordPres. I have worked with other languages too such as Python and C/C++, but since async/await was added, JavaScript/Node.js has become my preferred tool.

I’m also proficient in SQL in general, and the main concepts behind database performance - index vs. clustered index, for example. Since 2017 I have worked with two non-SQL databases: MongoDB and CouchDB. Non-SQL databases are awesome but are not silver bullets, and new concepts and partterns must be learned before using them efficiently.

I can work as a developer on a team, a lead developer, senior developer or even as a technical product owner.

I don’t consider myself the most eloquent communicator, but I have worked hard in developing people skills, so I can be effective translating between business and technical teams. When communicating with peers and clients I try to be empathetic and put myself in their shoes. Every day I remind myself that we all come from different backgrounds and carry different badges. I have the utmost respect for my clients because without them I would not be where I am today.

My objective is to use the whole of my experience to help your business do better. I strive to find simple solutions for complex problems by combining “what works” with shiny new technologies - where it makes sense.


● JavaScript (proficient)
● C# (proficient)
● SQL (proficient)
● PHP (proficient)
● C/C++ (rusty)
● Python (beginner)
● Java (as needed)
● Experienced backend developer using .NET Core and Node.js
● Accomplished frontend developer using Angular, Vue and React
● Competent implementing solutions using PHP and WordPress
● SOLID principles practitioner
● Quick learner of new techniques, stacks and problem domains.


08.2020 - PRESENT

LPL Financial
Teach Lead

Work in progress...

03.2020 - 07.2020

Macmillan Learning
Full Stack Software Engineer

● Worked with JavaScript, Node.js and React to integrate an organic chemistry graphic library, Kekule.js, into the Macmillan Learning product suite.
● Technology: Node.js, JavaScript, React and Kekule.js.

05.2017 - 03.2020

Newgistics / Pitney Bowes
Tech Lead

● Lead developer of a "Track Your Package" system to enable customers to get shipment notifications via email or text.
● Lead developer of a Multi-Carrier API to call Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, RR Donnelley, USP and USPS for package data.
● Technology: C#, .NET Core, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, SQL Server, MongoDB, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Sumo Logic, Twilio API, SendGrid API, Git, JIRA, SCRUM.

04.2015 - 05.2017

Full Stack Software Developer

● Lead developer for the Lifesize Admin Console, a single page web application for account administrators to manage their subscription.
● Technology: AngularJS, Node.js, Java, Python and AWS.

04.2013 - 05.2015

Shell Trading
Sr. Software Developer

● Migrated Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) system, Nucleus, from Oracle Forms to WPF and C#.
● Built framework for the new interface to enable junior developers to quickly migrate 100+ forms and reports to the new platform
● Provided technical expertise to address complex integration points between the new and old systems
● Technology: C#, WPF, WCF, SignalR, Oracle PL/SQL

02.2013 - 04.2013

Sr. Software Developer

● Architected and developed a backend framework for a multi-tenant application to manage portfolios of land leases
● Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server

07.2012 - 02.2013

Catapult Systems
Full-Stack Web Developer

● UI lead developer in a project to refactor in-house desktop CRM into a single page app using ExtJS, ASP.NET MVC, C# and SQL Server.

06.2011 - 05.2012

Merrill Lynch Commodities
Full-Stack Web Developer

Worked on Index Online, a single page web application developed using ExtJS. Also worked on the backend using C#, python, Oracle and Tibco EMS.

06.2010 - 02.2011

Sr. Technical Consultant

● Worked on a 3D fracking simulator for field engineers using C#, WPF, SQL Server, and C++.

03.2004 - 06.2010

Full-Stack Web Developer

● Built a SPA conference management system using vanilla JavaScript and classic ASP
● Build Web tool to manage engineers external events participation
● Built Web tool to manage contract approval workflow
● Build Web tool to manage contractors
● Build Web tool to manage lessons learned and FAQs
● Build Web tool manage awards
● Integrated PetroSkills with Chevron’s directory

08.2002 - 07.2006

NetIQ Corporation
Sr. Software Engineer

Worked for different product teams of the NetIQ Suite; Security Manager,VigilEnt, Vulnerability Manager, VigilEnt Log Analyzer and Group Policy Administrator

07.1997 - 08.2002

Sr. Technical Specialist

● Participated in numerous projects across different industries and advised clients on alternate methods of solving a need or problem, or recommended a specific solution

03.1996 - 07.1997

Software Engineer

● Developed call center for Avantel in Monterrey, Mexico

02.1996 - 03.1996

Software Engineer

● Developer for flagship product to manage network files for NASA.

05.1994 - 02.1996

Programmer Analyst

● Developed UNIX and Windows UI applications with an Oracle backend

02.1994 - 05.1994

Programmer Analyst

● Designed and developed C/C++ hand-held applications.

01.1993- 01.1994

Programmer Analyst

Developed real-time access control application for a nuclear power plant, PG&E, using OS/2, DB2, C, APPC/CPI-C, LU6.2.

06.1987 - 07.1990

Ingenieria Moreno, S. A. de C. V.

● Fixed bugs and added features to accounting system developed in Lotus 1-2-3

● Fixed bugs and added features to inventory system developed in dBase III+

● Designed and built a system to track fleet of trucks using dBase III+